fogdog   /noun/   a bright point of clarity in the fog


I’m Devin Green. I am an intuitive life coach (a blend of my intuitive abilities and coaching skills) as well as a small business consultant for healing and creative entrepreneurs. I am a safe, compassionate and supportive space for deep healing, exploration and creation. I serve as a connector for my clients, helping them to connect to themselves, their truth, their purpose, their gifts, and the life, relationships, work and businesses they are truly meant to have. Take a look around – you’re here for a reason… maybe I can help.

What’s Hot!

I am able to quickly understand situations, read energies, recognize discrepancies and disconnections, call you out when needed, and then support, challenge and move you forward. And over time, I have recognized the benefit of quick, intensive, one-stop deep-dive sessions that harness this gift and allow me to help clients quickly and effectively. And thus, the 90-minute Clarity Session was born. Currently discounted for new clients who sign up for this as a first step. I look forward to connecting with you!

What you can expect

I’m intuitive. I pick up on things that you can’t see. I see you and situations in ways that you don’t see.

I cut to the chase. I ask direct questions and give direct insights.

I am not the expert – you are. I help you find your own answers, not mine.

I push. I call you out and push you when needed.

I’m on your team – always. I’m in this with you. I will challenge but also support you.

I’m quick. You will experience change very quickly.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what clients have to say…