Welcome to Fogdog Coaching & Consulting. I’m Devin. I am a Certified Coach and Consultant and I help my clients find clarity and achieve results.

       fogdog   noun   /’fog ‘dog/   a bright point of clarity in the fog

I serve as a fogdog for my clients, providing you with a point of clarity to cut through your metaphorical fog (whatever it looks like). Together, we build you a clear foundation and move you toward the life, career, business and results you desire.

I offer Life Coaching for individuals, and Business Coaching and Consulting for entrepreneurs and businesses. The clarity and results you will experience depends upon your situation and needs. Here’s a sampling of what you might address and achieve:


“Devin has always encouraged me to be more authentic and that has taught me the value in living and working as I really am, not the way others think I should be. And in the end, I have been far more successful in my career and in my personal life because I have been my real self.” – Life Coaching Client

“Devin was an extension of my team whom I could trust blindly and who provided a crucial source of support. She was someone whom I trusted implicitly as a person and as a professional. Her way of working was very goal oriented - each objective we set was systematically dealt with and achieved. She’s organized and very detail oriented but, nonetheless, had a very human approach to working.” – Organizational Consulting Client

“When I think of Devin, I think of the Oasis song, 'You're going to be the one who saves me.' She helps me find calm in the chaos. After our sessions I feel incredibly grounded and can make decisions with great clarity.”
 – Life Coaching Client

“One of Devin’s greatest gifts is her ability to breathe life into things through words. She is very thorough and gets to the heart of things quickly. She has a real gift for branding and helping others to turn their thoughts and experiences into words in a way that brings out the essence of what they do or want in a such a clear and articulate way.” – Brand Consulting Client

“Since working with Devin, I've seen positive changes in my relationship with my partner, how I approach work, and ultimately providing myself a work/life balance that I had given up on, not to mention getting a job I believed I never would. I feel and express myself in ways that I haven't been able to do in literally years. Over a short period of time, I've made great strides and I feel like I am on solid ground.” – Life Coaching Client

“Devin has impacted my life in ways that words cannot describe. Her coaching is practical, inventive, efficient, and effective. She is a great listener as well as a great mirror. I feel like I am talking to someone who isn't going to just tell me what I want to hear. She has given me the tools I need to look at things for what they are and not what I make them up to be. Her deeply compassionate, but practical nature makes me feel safe and heard. The biggest change I have experienced is that I have a bigger and better sense of myself and what is possible.”
 – Wedding Coaching Client

“Because a great burden was lifted off my back, I was able to enjoy myself throughout planning my wedding and the actual wedding. I think our greatest concern was that we would be planning this big party for everybody but ourselves. Because of Devin, this was simply not true, and my husband and I both enjoyed ourselves as much (if not more!) than anybody else in attendance.” – Wedding Coaching Client

“Devin has a unique ability for personal understanding. She can relate to the challenges in your life and help navigate to positive solutions.” – Life Coaching Client

“I was always impressed by Devin’s strong work ethic and her unbelievable ability to organize and problem solve in such short periods of time. She is incredibly creative, witty, intelligent, and focused. She’s gifted with the ability to see the bigger picture and create new and better systems for a more efficient and harmonious work place.” – Organizational Consulting Client