Winter Solstice Virtual Ritual

Welcome! During this season of darkness, we welcome in the light!


Sunday, December 20th marks the longest night of the year. And during that night, I will be hosting a free virtual Winter Solstice Ritual from 8-9PM est.


Typically, Winter Solstice focuses on celebrating and welcoming in the return of the light. We will do that in this gathering, but will also focus on the darkness as well, which you can read more about in the most recent blog post “Let there be Light (and dark).” Along those lines, this ritual will be about grounding, holding space for the darkness and the light of your year and welcoming in the light to come with intention and compassion. It will involve a bit of ceremony, guided meditation, personal reflection, and of course connection.

You can sign up here to receive the information for the call. I understand it’s a crazy time so if you’re unsure if you can make it, that’s okay – this will just send you the details for the call and if you can make it, great. I look forward to seeing you if you decide to join!

Musings on Connection

To learn more about the conception and birth of The Connected Way™, you can read the launch blog post here. And to read all the posts that have come since then, visit the blog anytime. And here’s the latest:

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Want to Connect Directly?

Many clients begin with a Clarity Session, a 90-minute deep-dive coaching session in which I use my intuition combined with my coaching skills to help you find clarity in a situation or decision you’re struggling to navigate, a conflict with someone in your life, or an internal conflict you’re trying to shift. I provide reflection, a sounding board, guidance and support. You will walk away feeling empowered, supported and clear, with a newer and greater understanding of yourself and the situation as well as how to move forward.

  • For now, I am offering Clarity Sessions at an introductory rate of $222.
  • 90-minute session on the phone, Skype or in-person if you live in Portland, ME and it is convenient for us to meet in person.
  • Submit the form below to set up a session. Once we set up a time, you will receive an intake email with instructions, some initial questions, and an invoice (you can pay with bank transfer or credit card).
  • After your first session, if you decide you would like to set up another one, we can do that. But these sessions are often individually enough for clients to move forward with clarity and purpose.
  • If you would like to learn more about the session before you sign up, you can learn more here.

What You Can Expect from me

I’m intuitive. I pick up on things that you can’t see. I see patterns that you don’t see.

I cut to the chase. I ask direct questions and give direct insights.

I am not the expert – you are. I help you find your own answers, not mine.

I push. I call you out and push you when needed.

I’m on your team – always. I’m in this with you. I will challenge but also support you.

I’m quick. You will experience change very quickly.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what clients have to say…