What’s Next? … A Community!

Hello Friends,

Happy September! I hope it is as beautiful where you are as it is here in Maine! And, I hope that things are settling in/coming into focus for you as you transition into the fall, however that looks for you.

I am writing with an exciting update! Since introducing The Connected Way™ in March, I have had quite a few folks ask me where it’s headed or what might come out of it. Those are great questions and I don’t think there will ever be a final product or end point – I believe it is my path forward and will take on varying forms as it goes. I am letting it lead me and I am following what calls me. But, exciting news: I have been called, and I have accordingly created, and I’d love to invite you along for the ride.

Over the past few years, I have been considering how I can engage with people in a more accessible and approachable manner. I love my one-on-one work, but also have felt there is more, whether it is retreats, groups, speaking, etc. The over-arching theme with everything I have considered is that I have felt really called to build and be part of communities that support each other.

So, it is time that I create community! I have a few that have been cooking up, and considered starting them all at once, but reeled myself in a bit and am letting one or two simmer. You’ll hear more about those soon, but in the meantime, I’m so excited to introduce you to my first community concoction: Connected Coworking!

A few years ago, I decided to open a coworking space for women, specifically designed for female entrepreneurs. I built a business plan, came up with a name, and even started looking at spaces in Portland. And then I discovered there was another woman in the community doing the same thing! We discussed partnering, but both decided it would be best for her to move forward with the business. She was really drawn to building the space (she already had a location) and I was really drawn to building community and facilitating connections. So, I eventually joined and helped her to build some of the community elements, which I loved. But much of that connection has fallen by the wayside during the pandemic. And I miss it. I also realized that some of what I need right now I wasn’t and wouldn’t necessarily get from a coworking space. I am craving inspiration, motivation, support, accountability, and a place to face challenges and celebrate my wins. And I know I’m not alone – many of my like-minded friends and clients have been feeling similarly. So, I’ve created a solution in the form of a community.

Connected Coworking is a virtual community of healing and purpose-driven entrepreneurs and professionals whose work focuses on helping others and creating positive impact. The community’s intention is to create connections while supporting members as they support others (especially during these challenging times), and helping them to do their work so they can help more people and have thriving businesses.

The Connected Coworking model includes two core elements. First, an online community (on facebook) for sharing, celebrating, and getting support for their work while also connecting personally. And second, virtual meetings to help the members to focus and progress/build momentum. There will be Monday morning meetings to get organized and weekly virtual work sessions to get sh*t done.

This community is for anyone who is doing purpose-driven work and/or focused on having a positive impact. Perhaps they feel particularly isolated or unmotivated during pandemic living (or anytime). Perhaps they are great at client work but struggle to work on their own business or make time for the proactive projects they know they want to complete but they just aren’t happening. Or perhaps they just want to connect with more like-minded individuals and feel drawn to this community.

Please note that all are welcome in the community – we will not exclude anyone based on what they do or who they are, so if you feel called to this community or to this model of connecting and coworking, but are unsure about where you fit, please don’t hesitate to try it out or reach out to me to chat about it.

As is true with everything I’m doing these days, Connected Coworking is an experiment, and as such, it will evolve, especially in the beginning. I am offering it free for the first month (September 2020) for members to get a feel for the structure and community, and also for me to get feedback and determine the best setup moving forward. Starting in October, there will be membership levels, likely starting at $33/month with upgrades for additional support features. I hope this will be an intentional, accessible and supportive community for the members. So, if it is of interest at all, please click here to join me and try out Connected Coworking. And, if you know of anyone who you think might resonate with this, please forward it along – I look forward to gathering an amazing community of amazing folks.

Thank you for being along for this ride of connection with me. I hope that no matter where you find yourself, that you are healthy and happy, and that you are feeling connected.

In love and light,

Devin Green
The Connected Way

P.S. If you or someone else you know is a healing or purpose-driven entrepreneur that could use some support beyond Connected Coworking, here is a bit more info on how I help these clients with their businesses.