I offer many services to meet varying needs. For some clients, one of my services fits perfectly, whereas I have other clients that have custom needs, so we built a custom solution. If you’re not sure which fits, feel free to start with a Clarity Session (this is a great jumping-off point) or if you think you need more long-term support and you’re not sure what fits, set up a free consultation and we’ll come up with a solution that’s just right for you.

Clarity Session

A Clarity Session is a 90-minute deep-dive session. I am able to see situations, conflicts and paths forward very clearly. You might be navigating a conflict, trying to make a personal or professional decision, or looking for guidance on your path forward. I provide reflection, a sounding board, guidance and support. You will walk away with a newer understanding of yourself and the situation as well as how to move forward.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is for individuals who are feeling stuck or lost. I work with individuals who often look “successful” from the outside (great career, great life, great ________). But, they are not feeling as happy, fulfilled or excited about their work or life as they feel they should and they’re not sure why they’re feeling this way or where to go from here. That’s where I come in.

Entrepreneur & Business Coaching

Starting and running a business is no small feat. Believe me, I know. I help entrepreneurs and small business owners understand their personal and business passion, purpose, gifts and goals and harness the power of their story to build an aligned, purposeful, successful business. Once the vision is established, I also support clients in developing their communications, branding, packaging their offerings and developing authentic marketing/sales strategies.

Communications Coaching

I have a strange ability to understand your message, no matter how complicated and convoluted it may be and help you package it into the message and delivery that is both authentic to you and landing with your audience. Whether you are working on a pitch, speech, presentation, book, article or other form of communication, I am your human distillery, processing your information, helping you to pulling out what matters and what the finished product is meant to be.

Communications Strategy Consulting

I help entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations find deep clarity in their vision. What is the purpose of the work you are doing? Why do your clients need you? What sets you apart? Why are you doing this work? I have the intuitive ability to very quickly understand the foundation of your work and then distill it into a very clear and concise vision that you can then use to communicate with your new and existing customers, team members, stakeholders and beyond. This work is game-changing for all of my clients.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is most beneficial for executives and leaders that are needing support around work/life balance, leadership, delegation and role development. I act as a sounding board and support system while also challenging, pushing and providing reflection for growth.

Business Relationship / Co-Founder Coaching

Business relationships can be like a marriage – when it’s great, it’s great, and when it’s not great, it’s really bad. I work with pairs or teams of business partners to address and work through tension in their relationships, business and people management styles, and even their emotional relationships with each other. These relationships can truly make or break a company and working through tension and friction is a game-changer.

Corporate & Professional Coaching

Corporate employees and professional individuals often benefit from a neutral outside perspective to help them determine where they might be able to find clarity in their role, goals, definition of success, strengths and skills. I help my clients understand what obstacles may be inhibiting their growth and success and we remove those obstacles so they can thrive and succeed.

Business Consulting

I work with small and large businesses to help them determine and clear obstacles to their success. I am able to determine where business may not be flowing and why. And together, we develop new strategies, processes, programs, roles and solutions that drive efficiency, business growth and customer and employee satisfaction.