“Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to a fire… without it, it dies.”

– Tony Gaskins

Relationship Coaching

Who is Relationship Coaching for?

  • You are in a relationship of some sort – with a romantic partner, a spouse, a family or friend relationship, or a business relationship.
  • You are feeling like something is missing in your relationship, there is conflict, or connection has been lost a bit.
  • You feel like the communication and connection in your relationship could improve.
  • You would like to feel more connected, seen or valued in your relationship.
  • You want to work on your relationship.
  • You might be working through a decision or some logistics in your relationship and want to have a facilitated conversation to make that decision.

What you might experience

  • You will feel clear about what’s going on in your relationship, where things are amiss and how you can address that.
  • You will feel seen, heard and understood more than you have in a while.
  • You will feel more “in it together” with each other.
  • You will understand your partner better.
  • You will have better communication skills and tools for moving forward in your relationship.
  • You will be able to make the decisions you need to make for each other.

How it Works

Relationship Coaching is offered in a variety of setups, completely customized based upon your situation and needs.


Relationship Coaching engagements vary from a 90-minute session to address a specific need or decision, to weekly or biweekly recurring sessions for a number of months, to intensive day-long or weekend-long retreat-style sessions.


During the pandemic, all sessions are provided via zoom, either with the couple together or separately depending upon their pandemic situation.


Please contact me to set up a time to discuss your situation and how I can help.

What you can expect from me

I’m intuitive. I pick up on things that you can’t see. I see patterns that you don’t see.

I cut to the chase. I ask direct questions and give direct insights.

I am not the expert – you are. I help you find your own answers, not mine.

I push. I call you out and push you when needed.

I’m on your team – always. I’m in this with you. I will challenge but also support you.

I’m quick. You will experience change very quickly.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what clients have to say…