Introducing The Connected Way™

Dear Friends, Family, Clients and Community,

What an uncertain, scary and transformative time we are in. Please know that I am thinking of you and sending healthy prayers and good thoughts to you and your loved ones.

The reason I am writing to you is that amidst the moments of anxiety, fear and confusion, I have also been feeling curious, inspired and peacefully aligned in an unexpected way. Some things have come into a surreal focus for me in the past week or so, and I realize it’s time to start sharing.

As many of you know, about ten years ago, I intentionally started moving away from the achievement that had defined me, towards a new path of supporting others. As my work as a coach, intuitive, consultant, supporter of healers and beyond unfolded, a common thread became apparent: connection.

As a person, I am driven most by creating and maintaining connection. In my work, I help people to feel connected and heal in that connection. I help them connect to themselves, their truth, and their gifts. I help them connect to and heal connections with others. And I help creative and healing entrepreneurs to build businesses that align with who they are and how they work, and help them to connect with the people they’re meant to help. Spiritually, my beliefs center around connection and interconnection. Throughout these ten years, I have explored, learned and experienced things that have led me to have a more spiritual lens and perspective. And I’ve been wanting to share about these things.

Two years ago, while I was considering what this could look like or how I would start talking about it, I came up with The Connected Way™, and everything sort of came into focus. This was the path I was on, and where I was headed. It felt profound and powerful as it encompassed where I already was but I also could feel that there was more there. So for two years, I have been dancing with it, letting it guide me and considering what it could be or how it could look. Now, it is incredibly clear that it was all leading to this – it wasn’t meant to be until right now.

I believe that there is something larger going on here with this pandemic. Of course no one, least of all me, has any clear picture of what that is. But, I do feel that as a society, we have been pretty riddled with disconnection, and that we are now being reminded of and asked to return to connection.

In a time when we are having to slow down, re-evaluate, help each other directly and indirectly by making choices for the health and safety of others, and literally “disconnect” from others in our isolation, we are actually reconnecting! I feel that this experience is an opportunity for us to reconnect to ourselves, to the people we love, to our communities, to the earth and all that surrounds us, and to connect to the potential of something greater than us. We are all interconnected in so very many ways, and this virus is very boldly painting that picture. I feel that this may be a massive wakeup call for us to reconnect to what matters. Now, change is often not pretty, and change this dramatic for sure is not pretty or easy. Perhaps what we’re traversing is leading to something important. Perhaps we are part of a huge shift for humanity and for the world.

What I believe is most important right now is that in this time of “Disconnection,” we commit to intentionally reconnecting.  And so, after years of trying to “figure out” what The Connected Way is and wants to be, I feel it is time for me to just dive in.

So what is The Connected Way™?

The Connected Way™ may be a concept, a movement, a belief system or a way of life. It will likely be the container for my work in the world, but I also feel it is a collective experience and an experiment. I will do my best to honor what arises and let it be a living, breathing thing.

It is based on the premise that Connection is at the center of it all. Connection to our true selves and the truth of our lives. Connection to each other. Connection to the earth and energy all around us. Connection to something greater than us and the interconnectedness of it all. We heal in connection, we survive in connection and we thrive in connection.

For now, I want to help and hold space for others in this strange and uncertain time… No matter what situation you’re in, please know that you are not alone. If you’re feeling lost or confused, if you just want to talk to someone else that’s not in your house, if you’re struggling with a relationship or fear around your future, or if you are also feeling something rising up within you and want to process that or want help birthing something of your own, I’m here. I am very aware that in these uncertain times, unique and creative ways of working together will be necessary, and I am totally open to that. If you are feeling called for any reason to reach out to me, please don’t hesitate.

I plan to share musings and insights as they arise about this collective experience, spirituality, life, moments of connection and beyond. Given this is not fully-baked, logistically there is a lot up in the air. For The Connected Way™, there will either be a rebranding of my existing business and website or a second site. The way my offerings look might change over time, but the support I provide will not. I will be reaching out to you via email (sign up for the newsletter down below if you haven’t already) and I also will post on the Facebook page as well as on the new @theconnectedway Instagram account. Please follow along!

And one final thought – if you need some inspiration or joy, here’s my favorite song which feels very appropriate right now (“Shed a Little Light” by James Taylor).

In love and light,

Devin Green

The Connected Way