Finding the Balance

Happy Tuesday! How are you doing? (not just a hypothetical question – feel free to respond if you want to!) I have been doing pretty well, but my extroverted nature has started to itch a bit in the past couple days. But, I am grateful for all that this alone time is gifting me also.

One of my foundational beliefs is that everything happens for a reason. Over the years, I have been able to connect the dots of my struggles to understand how they had shaped me and gifted me with so much. I began to understand that things, large and small, were happening not TO ME, but FOR ME. And that everything was happening for a reason. I believe that on a global scale as well. And true to form, I believe that coronavirus has showed up for us. Yes, FOR US.

I understand that it is hard to think that about the symptoms of this situation (being isolated from your loved ones, cancelled trips, working from home with your kids), and I’m not suggesting we be grateful for those elements of this crisis. It is often not until much later that the purpose of an experience becomes clear, but it does inevitably show up. I truly believe and hope that we (humanity) will someday look back on this with immense clarity about how this pandemic gifted and shifted us.

I’m sure it will be much clearer later, but I want to share that I feel that we are part of a great rebalancing. I believe that this pandemic is bringing back into balance so many things that have been wildly out of balance. Firstly, our beautiful earth is finally able to rest and breathe a bit. We have not heeded her cries for help and accordingly, she has stopped us in our tracks. She has taken this into her own metaphorical hands, and will restore this earth to balance (I hope!). I also believe this may have major implications for other imbalances of power, wealth and resource distribution, but I am far from an expert on any of these things, so I won’t weigh in too much on that. But bottom line, I feel that our species and our world is going through a cycle of rebalancing, recalibrating, recalculating (said in the voice of the GPS lady).

Now that all sounds great in concept, but there is a process of unbecoming that is necessary to the becoming… I realized a few years ago that the word unbecoming is so incredibly appropriate because the process of un-becoming can be pretty damn ugly. And what we’re experiencing is pretty ugly. It is difficult. It is complicated. It is confusing. And it is scary.

As we go about this transformative balancing act on a global scale, I am aware we are each part of that whole and so, we are rebalancing individually as well.

We have been enthralled in an culture of doing – going, going, going and doing, doing, doing. But, we are not “human doings,” we are “human beings,” and I believe we are being gifted the chance slow down and add more BEING into our lives.

So how does it look to balance doing and being? I’m working on that myself, and it’s not always comfortable or clear, but it’s mostly a process of undoing my “doing nature.” It would be so easy for me to get swept up in projects and distract myself from all of this, which I am doing a good amount of the time, but I also know that there is also immense value in allowing myself to be present with my body, my emotions, and my grief, and give it and myself the space that it needs. There are waves and I’m letting myself ride those waves, which I believe is where the balance is. It’s not a perfect 50/50 split that’s planned or executed, it’s simply allowing myself to respond to what’s calling me in this experience and not expecting myself to DO all the time. And it’s also important for me to recognize that a lot of this transformation is happening internally behind the scenes. That there is nothing I need to actively DO and I can simply just BE present for myself and others in this experience.

So, as all of the systems that have been our foundation flail around, hopefully in preparation of rebalancing, I invite you to flail around a bit as you come find your own balance as well. To find balance in the day to day – allow for the ups and the downs, honor them and respond in whatever way feels best, whether it’s sewing curtains or taking a nap burrito-ed up in your comforter. Whatever it is, I hope that you can recognize that we may be undone as we move away from doing. And that our becoming may require some unbecoming. And I hope that you will find solace in the possibility that we are in the midst of a massive transformation individually and globally, which I believe has infinite potential on the other side.

I continue to send you all healthy and safe as we traverse this time. I am here. I am thinking of you. And if I can support you in any way with your personal experience or your work and business, please reach out. I am here and I want to support you. Thanks for being on this journey with me!

In love and light,

Devin Green

The Connected Way

P.S. There is also a balancing act that I am noticing play out in those who support others, professionally (therapists, coaches, healers, etc.) and personally (friends and family). We are all going through this and many are going through it themselves while also supporting others that are going through it, which I know can be challenging, so I want to help! I am coming up with some ways to support the supporters of the world right now and will be in touch about that. But, if you need anything or have ideas, please reach out – I’m am here to help and I’m also open to suggestion as I concoct ways to support you and others.