“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success” – Paul J. Meyer

Communications Coaching

Who is Communications Coaching for?

  • You are developing a pitch or presentation for your business, a professional or personal speech, or you’re writing a book, blog or article – basically any form of communication.
  • If you are doing a pitch, speech or other oral communication, you may feel nervous about the delivery or being in front of a group of people.
  • You want to be awesome.
  • You may feel good about what you’re working on and just want a sounding board or you may feel completely lost and overwhelmed by everything you’re trying to communicate or you may not even know what you want to communicate at all.

What you can Expect

  • You will clearly understand exactly what you are trying to articulate.
  • You will know how to deliver your message in the most authentic, concise, impactful way.
  • You will have a sounding board, editor and critic to help you work through kinks in your communication.
  • If you are building a deck or other visual aspect for your presentation, you will have a slide deck expert in your corner helping you to build a deck that will significantly enhance your audience’s experience.

How it Works

  • My Communications Coaching is customized for you depending upon what you are working on and your needs and can vary from a 90-minute sounding board conversation to a complete communications development coaching relationship. Please reach out to discuss your needs.

Curious about my style of coaching, my background, or how I got here?

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