“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you do, you will be successful.” – Buddha

Business Relationship / Co-Founder Coaching

Who is Business Relationship/Co-Founder Coaching for?

  • You have a co-founder(s), business partner(s), boss or employee with whom you’re experiencing some tension, miscommunication (including lack of communication), mis-alignment or disconnect.
  • You may also be entering a business relationship and you want to make sure you will work well together (if you are doing this, you are already taking a huge intentional step – well played!)
  • You may be feeling frustrated, exhausted or annoyed with your partner.
  • You may have no interest in discussing the relationship, or you might be really interested in discussing it but you are not sure how to go about that.
  • You have tried to talk to your partner but feel like you’re getting nowhere.
  • You may even be considering severing the relationship, whether by leaving your company, exiting your partner (voluntarily or involuntarily) or finding a new role.
  • You know you need to do something about this but you’re not sure what.

What you can Expect

  • A compassionate, intuitive, objective conversation facilitator.
  • Coaching sessions with all parties involved individually and together.
  • You will have a better sense of how your relationship is affecting everyone, both in the relationship and around you.
  • You will have an understanding of why the relationship is where it is – where the tension is coming from on every side.
  • You will have a clear path forward – the relationship will be repaired or severed, whatever is best for everyone involved. You will feel good about the decision.
  • You will have a partner, a confidant, a sounding board and a mediator.

How it Works

  • My Coaching packages are completely customized depending upon the relationship that we’ll be working on, the extent of the friction, and your overall goals and needs. Coaching work can vary from an individual deep dive conversation (at least 2 hours) to months or even years of conversation facilitation and intentional relationship management. Please reach out to discuss your needs.

I offer free 30-minute consultations to anyone interested in working with me or in learning more about what I can offer.

What is a Coach?

I am asked this question frequently and the answer to will differ depending on the coach you’re asking. Who I am as a coach is largely about my style (see About), but there are a few basic descriptions that can help…

A coach is just like an athletic coach. I am on your team. I am pushing you. I am supporting you. I am helping you to develop your strengths and unique gifts and working with you to overcome weaknesses and struggles.

Many people ask about the difference between a coach and a therapist. There are similarities and some big differences:

  • Coaching is forward-focused. In my work with clients, obstacles may arise that are rooted in the past, and we will take a look at those and move through them. We focus on moving forward vs. focusing on or dwelling in the past.
  • Coaches can relate, which leads to a different kind of relationship. I do not have to keep my experiences out of our coaching sessions. I will be transparent, open and honest with you about what I’ve experienced as well as what I notice for you. This allows you to feel supported, heard and not alone.
  • Coaches push. I am not going to just listen. I am going to truly question you and help you make change.

Coaches are not experts, and I’m certainly not claiming to be one. I don’t have everything “figured out” or “mastered,” but I have both the experience and training to help you through it.

Curious about my style of coaching, my background, or how I got here?

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what clients have to say…