“Be yourself.

Everyone else

is already taken.”

– Oscar Wilde

Someone once asked me what my life title is (not my career title, but my life title) and my immediate response (I’m not even sure the words went through my mind before they came out of my mouth) was “I’m a connector. I wish I could get paid to be a connector.” And now, I can honestly look at my work and realize that is exactly what I’m doing. Yes, I am a traditional connector (I love introducing people to each other in mutually beneficial situations), but I am a connector on so many other levels. I help others connect people to their souls, their gifts, their purpose, their truth, their aligned lives and businesses, their customers, and so much more!


Additionally, I have found that throughout my life, the compliment I get the most is “you give the best hugs.” And I do. That is one compliment I will readily take. I love giving hugs and I give great hugs. And again, now I can see how that plays out in my work. I energetically hold and support others so that they can feel safe, seen, honored and held as they move through healing, transition and discovery.


You and learn more about my style, passions and my story below, and please feel free to contact me anytime.

My Style

  • I’m intuitive. I pick up on things that
    you can’t see. I see you in ways you can’t see you. I see patterns that you don’t
    see. And, I see obstacles that you don’t recognize. My intuition is what makes me a great coach.
  • I cut to the chase. I get down to the heart of the matter very fast. I ask direct questions, provide direct insights and reflect back to you what I see in very clear terms that may not be what you “want” to hear, but it is exactly what you “need” to hear.
  • I push. Like any effective athletic coach, I call you out when needed and really push you to reach your true potential.
  • I am not the expert – you are. I help you find your own answers, not mine. I am here the whole time, and push you to get there as quickly and painlessly as possible, but it’s your process.
  • I’m on your team – always. I’m in this with you. I will challenge and push you but I will also support you and be with you throughout the entire journey. I am your coach, your sounding board, your accountability buddy, your advocate, and your cheerleader.
  • I’m quick. You will experience change very quickly (most of my clients feel a lot better after just our first session). And, once you are ready, you are out on your own. Seriously – my job is to coach you out of needing coaching.

My Passions

What motivates me and makes me good at this work is what I’m passionate about. I am incredibly aware of whether these things are and are not happening. It drives me a little bit bonkers when I notice them not happening, and I get very excited when I notice that they are…

  • Deep connection: I believe that connection is everything in life and accordingly, also in life. Connection to self, connection to others in relationship (romantic, familial, professional, etc.), within a company, between a company and it’s audience.
  • Clear Communication: Clear and authentic communication is what leads to all connection. Without it, we are lost. It is my passion in life to help create more connection through increased authentic and clear communication.
  • Authenticity: Connection comes from being authentic – if we are not aligned in our truth, there is no opportunity for connection. Surface-level, salesy and/or false are of absolutely no interest to me.
  • Alignment: Individuals and businesses getting out of their own way, finding their true purpose, gifts, passions and desires and meeting their potential.
  • Spirituality: My own personal journey has led to spiritual insights and experiences which have informed who I am and inform how I work. I am not religious but support all faiths and beliefs and I am driven to further my understanding of consciousness, spiritual traditions and deeper meaning in this life and beyond.

My Story

I started Fogdog Coaching & Consulting as a full-time business in early 2013. I also moved to Maine the same day. Both decisions were the best I’ve ever made. I am deeply passionate about the work that I do and love the variety of working with different businesses and individuals with varying situations, needs, gifts and goals. And I really enjoy working with clients locally in Maine and across the country and even internationally. I absolutely love living in Maine. It is truly where I belong and after years of moving around a lot, I don’t have any plans to leave. Also, if you’ve never been to Portland, you should visit. This is an incredible city.


I’ve been a coach since early 2012, but really I’ve been a coach my whole life, I just didn’t get the training and start offering it as a paid service until more recently in life. I became a coach after a pretty serious life transition of my own. I had been working in marketing, advertising and brand strategy for almost 10 years and I was very successful. I was rapidly moving up the ladder, landing and maintaining huge clients, managing teams, driving change, and building businesses. But, despite the fact that I was experiencing all of the success I had been working my whole life to achieve, I was experiencing a friction that I couldn’t understand – I wasn’t happy, I was incredibly stressed, and I just felt “off.”


I made the drastic decision to quit my job without a plan and take some time off, during which I did a lot of soul searching and realized I had spent my whole life trying to be the best at everything (best daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, student, athlete, employee, manager, etc.) and had done a pretty good job at all of them, but I had veered off the path of who I was and what I really wanted pretty early on in life. From there, I was able to really consider who I actually was and what I actually wanted. And the result was the realization that I loved talking to people about their struggles and I loved helping them move forward. I had been doing this forever – with friends, with employees, with peers and even with my bosses. When I was helping others, I was energized and lit up. I had been coaching all along, I just didn’t realize it.


What an unexpected journey (in the best way possible) transpired from there and it continues to unfold. I was guided to places, people and experiences that I never could have dreamed for myself, including training with Martha Beck, which opened up doors, ideas and parts of myself I had cut off long ago. I have connected with myself, my gifts and my purpose in the most profound way and continue to grow and evolve constantly, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


I started Fogdog Coaching & Consulting as a full-time business in early 2013 and moved to Maine at exactly the same time. As is inevitable for healing businesses, as I’ve evolved, so has the business. I have learned so much about myself, about how and who I am meant to support others, and about my own gifts. I continue to trust that I am where I am meant to be, and I continue to follow my intuition and the signs pointing me in new directions.


If your intuition or some sign is pointing you in the direction of connecting with me, please reach out. I would love to support you!